Thursday, 30 October 2014

EnableMyTeam launches Supply Chain Innovations beta

EnableMyTeam has launched the beta version of an innovations exhange portal built on top of our supply chain collaboration platform to enable sharing of innovations and ideas within the contruction supply chain.

Primary contruction contractors and contruction clients can now explore, search and evaluate innovation submissions from the supply chain and even publish a call for innovation to their supply chain in key areas of interest. Submissions can evaluated, approved and trialled on contracts.

The whole process is completely transparent to the innovator who can view feedback and interact with the interested contractor. The approval workflow is customisable for each contractor who setup multi-level evaluation and specialist teams. Feedback from contract trial can be collected can be submitted by the contract champion so its available for future evaluations. Privacy and Sharing controls are available to innovators to protect their IP from competition.

This application will be available on smartphones, tablets shortly. We also plan to publish an API to encourage further development by working with partners.

To mark the launch, Costain's annual Blue Innovation Futures 2014 event has been powered by EnableMyTeam. To Sign Up and submit innovations for this event, please goto